From that rent in me,
Bursts love unending.
The torrent.
It splatters.
Staining all that remains.
All that I can still call mine.
Oh look how red it is.
Smeared like a mad man’s paint
On cheeks and lips and hands
And hearts.
How I drown those hearts with love.
It congeals.
It smothers as I am drained.
Sanguine fingerprints
Wherever I go.
How do they not see?
Do they not feel me choke them?
Taste iron and salt and heat?
I cannot stop.
Love me I cannot stop.
Love me do they not have reflections?
My protection comes as an axe
All that I give will only ruin
Yet they do not see or taste or feel
Are they insane how can they
No they give it back.
I see.
They give it back.
A game of equivalent exchange.

I see.