Shall my love be a flower? A subtle fragrance that both warms and entices. A gentle sight that soothes the grimace from your hard eyes.

How about an ocean? Of unknowable size and depth with a presence that promises inevitability. A cool embrace that takes your burdens and returns you to the womb.

Shall my love be a child’s laugh? Filled with joy and the light of the purest snow. A melody that brings you back to your youth and untested hope.

How about a mountain? A cold place that will show you that you draw breath by turning it into mist. A patience that grants you perspective of the world at large while shielding you from its storms.

Shall my love be a shadow? A silent ally that is you but not. A reminder that you have been touched by light and your actions have echoes.

How about a forest? A lushness of leaves, bark, fruit, and sunbeams that you can get lost in. A solitude that will let you hear what your spirit has to say.

How shall I love you? I think it is best if you tell me yourself. No one knows you like you. And no one knows me like me. So tell me how I should love you.

And I will tell you if I can.