(Originally written: October 27, 2019)

I was there when the Rusted Man broke his vow of silence and sang. It was the last time he ever did it. 

His voice was strong and had authority. It was old. Not raggedy or husky in any way. Just old. It was clear with a strong texture to it. Like aged whiskey. The Rusted Man’s voice sounded as if Time itself had come upon him. An ancient force so powerful that only the Rusted Man could have channeled it and survived. 

He sang in a language only he remembered. It sounded like the heartbeat of the planet, ocean waves. It had the powerful presence of the deep sea but the gentle magnanimity of a God looking upon His creation. It washed over me and I did not need to understand the words for me to understand what he was singing about. 

His song was about Life. Its never before seen need to just be. Life has only one purpose and it’s Life. Life is not kind and Life is not cruel. Life is not generous and Life is not greedy. Life is just Life and that’s it. We are nothing but one of its expressions. A multifaceted Being that we are not only witnessing but are a part of. 

And then he was silent.