(Originally written: March 30, 2020)

Finnegan pulled her skirt up to show off some more leg and undid an extra button to show more cleavage. She frowned. The expensive push-up bra she had gotten – after telling herself that it was a work expense – was extremely uncomfortable. As if every dollar she had sunk into it was eager to remind her that it should have been spent on something else. Her frown turned into a self-assured smile since the bra was really an investment into a job she loved. The discomfort could be ignored.

“Hey, Finn.” Roan came into the locker room, already in the process of tearing her shirt off. “Slow night.”

“Yeah? That’s good. Could use one.” Finnegan applied her lip balm, smacked her lips, and turned to face her friend. The brunette was massaging her own feet with a look of bliss on her face. “You alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” Roan smiled. “The night is slow but the day was packed. Especially this afternoon.”

“Lucky me then.”

“Yep.” Roan sighed as she got up to get changed. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Finn. We’re both working the night shift.”

“Goodnight.” Finnegan hugged her friend and left the locker room. The dark hallway smelled of fried food, alcohol, and a slight hint of the lemon-scented cleaning product used to clean the floors. It was a combination of smells that Finnegan had hated at first when she first started working at Buck’s but now, after five years, it was something she could think of fondly. She thought it was weird she could do that but she didn’t question it. It’s always nice to have something to think of positively. 

“Hey, gorgeous. Didn’t see you come in.”

“Well I didn’t want you to see me before I got all pretty.” Finnegan smiled at Cooper as he stuck his head out the kitchen door. “What do you think?” She twirled for him.

“You’d turn a gay man straight, Finn.” Cooper nodded approvingly.

“Well did I?”


“Fuck you then.” Finnegan punched his shoulder and headed towards the main room. Roan was right. It was a slow night. She could count a grand total of ten customers in the restaurant’s fairly large main room. The majority, a loud group of five, weren’t even in her section. She watched for a second to see how they were treating the new girl, Shelly, as she dropped off their food. Their eyes wandered but that’s about it. Since adventurous eyes were encouraged in their workplace, Finnegan kept moving. As she passed them, one called out to her.

“How about you join us, sweetheart?”

“I’d love to but we’re not allowed to spoil our customers.” Finnegan winked at him. “Not too much anyway.” She lifted her skirt up to show off her thigh before letting it drop. That got her a cheer but otherwise the men left her alone. It was always risky pulling a move like that. Some took it as an invitation to get physically friendly. But most of the men at Buck’s were polite and knew what was allowed and what wasn’t. For the ones that didn’t, there’s a gentleman standing by the door that was very protective of his female coworkers.

“Good evening, sir, I hope you haven’t had to wait too long.” Finnegan said when she got to her first table for the night. “My name is Finnegan and I’ll be your waitress tonight. You can call me Finn.”

“It’s fine.” The man said. “Is Roan not in tonight?”

“Her shift just ended.” Finnegan frowned apologetically. “She your favorite?”

“I just had her a week ago, which was my first time here. I’m sure you can be my favorite.”

“I’m sure I can be.” Finnegan brightened up like he had just made her day and moved to stand by him, her hip resting against his upper arm. She put her arm around his shoulder and leaned over. “So what can I get started for you…?”


“Greg! That was my high school volleyball coach’s name. Had the biggest crush on him.” Finnegan said. “What can I get you, Greg?”

“Just get me a diet coke for now, Finn.” Greg said. “Haven’t looked at the menu much.”

“Well how about I suggest an appetizer for ya?”


She leaned closer and ‘casually’ pushed her breasts against the side of his head. “Our chef Cooper makes the best mozzarella sticks. I don’t know what he breads the cheese with but I think it’s drugs. And the marinara sauce that you get to dip with is to die for. ”

“Then I would love some of those.”

“I’ll get that right out for you, Greg.” She started the order on her tablet and put in what he had asked for. She squeezed his shoulder and went to the soda fountain to get his coke. On the way back she greeted customers that had just been seated. “I’ll be right with you gentleman.” She winked at them and they smiled back. She made sure to sway her hips a little extra on the remaining few steps to Greg. “Here’s your diet coke, sir.”

“Thank you.” Greg took a sip of the drink. “I think I’ll have Buck’s Burger.”

“Fries or onion rings on the side?” Finnegan asked. “Or a mix of both for just a dollar extra?”

“Neither, Finn. Trying to watch what I eat.” Greg shook his head. “Shouldn’t have said yes to those mozzarella sticks.”

“Well since you’re being smart and taking care of yourself,” Finnegan said. “You want a turkey patty for that burger instead of beef?”

“Does it cost extra?”

“Buck fifty buuuuut,” Finnegan said. “I do love a man that takes care of himself.”

“Turkey patty it is then, Finn.” Greg laughed. “You’re gonna get every penny out of me, aren’t you?”

“Well not every penny. I do want you to come back.” Finnegan grinned. “Just as much as you wanna give me.”

“Fair enough, honey.” Greg handed her the menu. “Now get this outta my sight before I get tempted by the other things on there.”

“Your appetizer will be here in a second.” Finnegan took the menu, dropped it off at the hostess’ podium, and returned to the two men that had recently arrived. “How y’all doing? My name’s Finnegan and I’ll be taking care of you tonight. Call me Finn.” She said. “Or call me sweetie if that’s what you want.”

“W-w-we’ll call you F-Finn.” One man said, trying to seem like he wasn’t staring at her cleavage. 

“Booo.” She said playfully. “How about you, sir? Will you call me Finn too?”

“I’ll call you sweetie, sweetie.” The other man said. He seemed at least a decade older than the first. “Lighten up Mike. You just hurt her feelings.”

“Oh. S-s-sorry.” Mike blushed and looked down.

“Don’t worry about it, Mike. Call me whatever makes you comfortable.” Finn smiled and patted his back. “What can I get you two to drink?”

“Got any new IPAs?” 

“Electric Jellyfish.” Finnegan said. “Has a nice citrus flavor to it and our chef swears he can taste a hint of mango.”

“Two pints of that then!”

“J-j-just one.” Mike said. “I’ll h-h-have a water. With l-l-lemon.”

“It’s your birthday, Mikey. Come on.”

“I drove us here, Jake.” 

“Ooo responsible. Love it. Happy birthday, Mike!” Finnegan smoothly interrupted before Jake could argue. “A pint of Electric Jellyfish for one cutie and a glass of water with lemon for the birthday cutie. Any appetizers?”

“Y’all still have those crab cakes? I didn’t see it on the menu but I’m hoping anyway.” Jake asked. Mike looked pleased at being called ‘birthday cutie’. 

“Wow you’re a frequent customer aren’t you, Jake? Yes in fact we do still have the crab cakes. Secret menu item now.” Finnegan smiled. “How come I haven’t seen your smile around before?”

“Was out of town for a long while, Finn.” Jake said. “Came back just for my brother’s birthday.”

“That’s so nice of you, Jake.” Finnegan crooned. “Well I’ll get those crab cakes started and be right back with your drinks.”

“Enjoyin’ those mozzarella sticks, Greg?” She asked on the way to the bar. He gave her an appreciative nod and she winked in return. It was when Sal was pouring the beer for her that she saw that another man had been seated at her section. He was wearing a hoodie and seemed intent on keeping his hands in the kangaroo pocket in the front. On her walk back to Jake and Mike’s table, she noticed the new guest take a hand out for a brief moment. Finnegan thought she saw heavy bandages but the hand was put away just as quickly as it was brought out. “Here you go. Do you know what you want to eat? Or should I give y’all more time?”

“Some more time. Please.” Mike said. “Sweetie.”

“I think you’re the sweetie, Mike.” Finnegan winked. “I’ll be back in five.”

“How about sooner because we’ll miss you?” Jake grinned.

“As you wish.” Finnegan curtsied, being sure to tip her cleavage in Mike’s direction. Birthday boy deserved it. And she wanted to earn back the money she spent on the bra. Then, she walked over to her new guest. “Hello! Welcome to Buck’s. I’ll be your waitress Finnegan but please call me Finn. What’s your name?”

“Barry.” He said, keeping his head bowed but looking up at her from under the hood. 

It worried Finnegan that he was keeping himself concealed but his table was close to the entrance. When she glanced at Brent, he nodded his head subtly. Satisfied that she’d be safe she returned her attention to Barry. “Very nice to meet you, Barry.  What do you want to drink?”


“Just water? Not even a soda?” Finnegan smiled. “Our food goes well with sugary, bubbly drinks.”

“Water is fine.”

“Suit yourself, Barry.” Finnegan shrugged. “Any appetizers or do you need more time to look at the menu?”

“Time.” Barry said. “Please.”

“Sure thing, honey.” Finnegan smiled. “I’m a fan of those beer battered fish and chips you can find in the specials but I’ll get you whatever you ask for.” Instead of patting or squeezing his shoulder like she normally would have done, she tapped the table and smiled again. Before going to check on Shelly, she walked over to Brent. “Hey, baby.”

“Evening, Finn.” Brent nodded at her and gave the slightest of smiles. “How’s your sister?”

“Awww that’s so sweet of you to remember. She’s out of the hospital now. Trying to rest up but my new nephew isn’t letting her.” Finnegan said. “Keeps wanting his mama’s milk.”

“Glad to hear it.” 

“Listen. I know you already noticed but,” Finnegan lowered her voice just in case. “Keep an eye on the guy in the hoodie, will ya? I hate profiling him like that. But him hiding his face rubs me the wrong way.”

“You got it.”

“Thank you, Brent. You are the best.” She blew him a kiss and walked over to Shelly who was attempting to balance five drinks on a platter. “Oh sweetie here. Let me help you.”

“No no. I got it. I have to practice.” Shelly frowned stubbornly. “Thanks though.”

“If you say so. How’s your table treating you? Eyes only?”

“One put his hand on my ass.”

“Which one?” Finnegan tensed. “I’ll have Brent talk to him.”

“No no it’s okay. His friend hit him for me.” Shelly shook her head rapidly. “And it’s my fault anyway. I don’t know what’s too far and flirted with him a little extra.”

“Shelly. Sweetheart.” Finnegan sighed. “It is absolutely not your fault! You understand me? The rules here are simple. You flirt. You tease your body a little. But our customers are not allowed to grope you. They come here to look at something nice and get some extra attention while they eat good food. If they want to grope a woman they can get a prostitute or a stripper willing to bend the rules. Buck’s girls do not provide that service.”

“Okay, Finn.” Shelly smiled gratefully. “Thank you. I’m gonna go serve them now.”

“Remember, Brent is there for a reason. He’s our friend not our customers’.” Finnegan headed to Greg who had just been served his burger. “Well, Greg. How’s that burger treating you?”

“Treating me better than my ex wife.” Greg chuckled. “Wasn’t sure if I’d like the turkey patty but it’s damn good.”

“Well screw her if a patty is better!” Finnegan laughed with him.

“What’s that sauce on here? Never had anything like it.”

“Well that’s Buck’s secret! Even Cooper doesn’t know what’s in it and he made you that burger.” Finnegan said, then pointed over to a shelf situated next to the bar. On it were bottles of Buck’s Sauce. “You wanna take a bottle home with you?”

Greg looked over at the shelf, then pointed at the shirt rack next to it. “I’ll come back for the burger. But I think I will get myself a t-shirt. I should get the word out.”

“That would mean so much to me, Greg.” Finnegan grinned. “What size does a big strong man like you wear? A large?”

“Extra large, sweet heart.” Greg chuckled. “I wasn’t kidding about watching what I eat. I need to.”

“Oh hush you’re handsome.”

“I said I was fat, not ugly.” Greg winked. 

That got a genuine laugh out of Finnegan. “Truer words have never been spoken. I’ll drop the shirt off in a minute.” She squeezed his shoulder and walked over to Mike and Jake’s table. “Well, gentleman. Enjoying those crab cakes?”

Mike hurriedly swallowed. “Delicious!”

Jake took his time chewing and swallowing, but he did smile at her. “Just like I remembered.”

“Wonderful!” Finnegan said. “Are you ready to order your main course?”

“Yep.” Jake said. “Mikey go ahead and tell her.”

“Oh. Uhm.” Mike’s face didn’t blush when he looked at her but his ears did turn lobster red. “I’ll have Buck’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich w-with fries on the side. A-and Jake wants the Southerner Chicken Sandwich. With fries. Fries.”

“Two chicken sandwiches for my boys, coming right up.” She placed the order on her tablet, then smiled at Mike. “I like your tattoos, Mike.”

“Th-thank you.”

“He’s a tattoo artist.” Jake chimed in. 

“Really? That’s amazing!”

“I’m an a-p-prentice still.” Mike corrected. “Not official.”

“Well you’ll need to practice on someone then, right?” Finnegan asked. “Why not me?”

“You have tattoos?” Mike glanced at her pale hands and arms.

“Where they are is a secret.” Finnegan winked but she did pull her collar to the side, slightly, revealing a hint of ink. “Write your shop’s name down when y’all pay the bill. I’ll come and check you out. See if we can work out a design.”

“C-cool. Thank you.” 

“Told you coming here would be a good idea.” Jake grinned. “You just got a customer.”

“You sure did.” Finnegan squeezed Mike’s shoulder. “Alright I’ll be back in a bit. Need me to get a refill for that beer, Jake?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Jake got up, stuffing the last crab cake into his mouth. “Gonna head to the bathroom, Mike.”

Finnegan waved at Mike, winked at Greg as she passed him, and arrived at Barry’s table. “Well Mr. Barry. What can I get for you?”

“The fish and chips.”

“Sure!” Finnegan smiled. She noticed him peek at her before looking away. “No appetizers?”

“No. Thank you.”

“Suit yourself, Barry.” Finnegan shrugged. “It’ll be out in a little bit, alright?”

“Okay.” Barry nodded. “And a soda. Please.”

“Ahh changed your mind, did ya?” Finnegan said. “What kind of bubbly goodness do you want?”

“Dr. Pepper.”

“Man of excellent taste.” Finnegan gave him a thumbs up and patted the table. “I’ll be right back with that.”

She was getting that drink when Jake approached her. “Hey, Finn.”

“Hey, Jake.” Finnegan said. “Need something?”

“Just wanted to thank you for being so nice to Mike.” Jake said. “If you couldn’t tell, he’s a little awkward around women. It’s why I brought him here.”

“Well of course, Jake!” Finnegan smiled, leaning on the counter and facing him. “And he’s not that awkward. A little shy maybe. But it’s cute.”

“I’ve tried telling him that women aren’t scary but…” Jake sighed and shrugged. “Hopefully tonight helps a little.”

“I’m sure it will. I’m glad I can help.” Finnegan grabbed the fresh beer as Sal handed it to her. “And here’s that beer you wanted.” Finnegan watched him go, then headed to Barry’s table. “One Dr. Pepper for you, Mr. Barry.”

“Thank you.” Barry said. “Finn.”

“You’re welcome.” Finnegan said. “Anything else I can do for ya? You’ve got a good view of the tv so I can change the channel for ya, if you’d like.”

“That’s fine. I have my phone.” Barry gestured with his chin at his phone. The screen was filled with text. 

“Oooo what are you reading?”

“Wheel of Time.” Barry said, tone hesitant. “It’s a series by…”

“Robert Jordan.” Finnegan finished. “I haven’t read it but it’s on my list.”


Though she couldn’t see his face that well, Finnegan was sure he looked shocked. “What? Can’t a pretty girl like me enjoy some fantasy?”

“You can. It’s just…”

“Surprising?” Finnegan laughed. “I know. I get it all the time. But I’m a fantasy nerd just like you.” She looked around then leaned over conspiratorially and whispered. “I’ve got a Brass Allomantic symbol tattoo on my waist. Do you know what that means?”


“Yep!” Finnegan cheered. “Sanderson is an absolute genius, isn’t he?”

“He is.” Barry nodded.

“Well I’ll leave you to read. Don’t wanna get in the way of that. I know how annoyed I get when people interrupt my storytime.” Finnegan stood back up normally. “Your dinner will be here soon.”

“Thank you, Finn.”

Finnegan winked then went to grab an extra-large shirt for Greg. “Here ya go, Greg. And since you were being smart and taking care of your health, the shirt is on the house.”

“Really?” Greg beamed. “Can you do that?”

“Buck is flexible with his favorites.” Finnegan said. “And I’m his number one.”

“Seems like a great guy.”

“Only ones better than him are his customers.” 

“You’re never off, are you?” Greg laughed. “With the customer pleasing.”

“Oh Greg I am always on.” Finnegan winked. “Anything else I can get for you?”

“Well I want a milkshake. But I wouldn’t want to disappoint you so I’ll just have the check.”

“Yay! Good man.” Finnegan jumped in place and clapped her hands together, pretending to not notice the attention it got from him. “I’ll be back with your check. The t-shirt will be on there, for our own inventory purposes, but you’re not going to be charged. If it seems like you were, though, let me know!”

“Thank you, Finn.”

Finnegan headed to Jake and Mike’s table after grabbing Greg’s check and dropping it off. “How are you boys doing?”

“Well I’m doing great.” Jake laughed, putting his sandwich down. “How about you, Mikey?”

“G-g-good.” Mike sniffled. He looked as though he had been crying.

“Awww Mikey… I assumed you could handle spice since you asked for it.” Finnegan held back a chuckle. “We usually do a complementary slice of cake or pie for birthday boys but we can do a milkshake instead. It’ll calm your tongue down. Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry?”

“Vanilla.” Mike sniffled again. “Please.”

“Oh wow I’m so surprised you picked vanilla.” Finnegan smirked. 

“Could I get a milkshake too? Chocolate.” Jake asked, watching her put in the order.

“You aren’t the birthday boy, Jake. You’ll be charged for that one.”

“Really?” Jake frowned exaggeratedly.

“Yep.” Finnegan frowned in response as a fake apology.

“Ah it’s fine. Bring me one anyway. Along with the check.”

“Sure! Be back soon, boys.” She walked over to Greg’s table and, when he caught sight of her, began dragging her feet in as slowly as she could without looking stupid. “Do you really have to go?”

“My dogs are waiting for me. So yes.” Greg smiled. “I had a good time tonight, Finn. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Give your pups extra belly rubs on my behalf.” Finnegan picked up his card along with the check. “And please do come back! Hopefully I’m the one that gets to wait on you.”

“I hope so too.”

After double checking that he hadn’t been charged for the t-shirt, Finnegan swiped his card. With his receipt printed, she returned to Greg’s table, once again walking as slowly as she could to it once they made eye contact. “Here you go, Greg. Drive safe.”

“Will do.” Greg said. “Listen. I know all the attention you give us and everything is part of your job. But it’s still really nice. And it feels authentic.”

“Wouldn’t feel right to me if I wasn’t being authentic, Greg.” Finnegan said. “It is my job. But I enjoy doing it.”

“I believe you.”

Finnegan hugged him from the side, once again pressing her breasts to his head, and walked to Barry’s table. “Mr. Barry.”


“How are the fish and chips?” Finnegan asked. “As good as I promised?”

“Mhm.” Barry nodded. “Thank you.”

“I knew it! That’s what I always get when I eat here. Cooper is a genius cook.”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“He’s a friend.”

“Oh! Didn’t know that.” Finnegan raised an eyebrow. “Well that makes you family. Sort of. How come we haven’t seen each other before?”

“Been a long time since I came here.” Barry said after a few moments of silence.

Finnegan assumed it had something to do with the bandages he kept hiding. “Ah. Well. Good to have you back, Mr. Barry.”

“Good to be back.”

Finnegan felt she could get him to talk more if she pressed him but decided against it. “After my other two customers leave, do you mind if I join you? I can take my dinner break early.”

“Oh. Sure.” Barry looked up at her in shock and she caught sight of a scarred face. He jerked his head back down immediately. “If you want.”

“Dinner is more fun with company.” Finnegan said. “Want me to bring over any dessert for you to have something to eat while I do?”

“Apple pie. If you have it.”

“We sure do!” Finnegan patted the table then went to grab the two milkshakes that were waiting for Jake and Mike. Once she had those, along with their check, she returned to the boys. “Here you go! One vanilla and one chocolate. Happy birthday, Mikey!”

Mike grabbed his and began sucking on the straw immediately. Jake laughed. “He says thanks.”

“Thank you…” Mike added quietly.

“You’re welcome. Are you the type to enjoy people singing happy birthday or….” She saw the look on his face. “No. Gotcha.”

“Aw come on.” Jake threw his hands in the air. “You being uncomfortable is the best part.”

“Birthday boy gets to pick.” Finnegan put the check in front of Jake. “And birthday boy’s brother pays, right?”

“Right.” Jake sighed heavily. He took his wallet out and gave her the card and check.

“Aren’t you gonna look at the check?”

“I trust a girl that works for Buck.” Jake smiled. 

“Good policy. We’re the best.” Finnegan smiled back, then walked away to charge him. Despite her rush to get back to Barry, Finnegan checked to be sure Jake was being billed for the right items before swiping his card. Once that was done, she returned. “Remember. Write down your tattoo shop’s name, Mike!”

“I will.” Mike said. His milkshake was almost done.

“Careful! Don’t want you getting a brain freeze.” Finnegan patted his back playfully before giving him a pen to write with. “Alright then. You boys have a safe night, alright?”

“You too, Finn.” Jake said. “That’s what Brent over there is for, right?”

Finnegan laughed, gave them both a side hug, and grabbed the check from Greg’s table. She raised both eyebrows in surprise at the extremely generous tip he had left her before heading to the kitchen. “Hey, Cooper!”

“Hey, Finnegan.” Cooper didn’t look up from the burgers he was grilling.

 “Your friend Barry is here. I’m serving him.”

“Is he? Cool.” Cooper smiled. “Been convincing him for weeks. Don’t bill him, by the way. His meal’s on me.”

“You got it.” Finnegan nodded. “Any chance I can be nosy and you can tell me what he’s hiding?”

“No chance, Finn.”

“Ahh that’s fine.” Finnegan shrugged. “Tell me this though. Is he a good guy?”

“The best.”

“In that case, could you have some fish and chips sent over to his table for me? I’m taking my dinner break with him.”

“Little early for a dinner break, don’t you think?”

“Who’s gonna stop me? The only one here with seniority over me is you.” Finnegan pouted. “You gonna stop me, Coop?”


“Love ya.” Finnegan said. “I’m gonna grab a slice of pie for him as well.”

“Help yourself.”

Pie in hand, she returned to Barry. “Either you’re not enjoying your meal or you’re a slow eater.”

“Slow eater.” Barry said. As if to demonstrate, he took a single bite out of a fry that was small enough for him to eat whole.

“I’m a vacuum.” Finnegan put his pie to the side. “Thanks for letting me join you.”

“Thank you.” Barry said. “Didn’t know that happened here.”

“There aren’t any rules against it.” Finnegan said. “Just as long as we don’t go past our break time. Also helps that you’re a friend of Cooper. Wouldn’t be comfortable doing this with a customer I don’t know.”

“You don’t know me.”

“I know Cooper though.” Finnegan winked. “A friend of Cooper is a friend of mine. He doesn’t make friends easily.”

Barry chuckled. “No. He doesn’t.”

“How long have you known him?”

“Since we were kids. Fifth grade.”

“Wow!” Finnegan exclaimed. “Only people I’ve been friends with since I was a kid are my parents.”

“I got lucky.” Barry said. “How long have you been working here?”

“Five years once we get to April 15th.”


“Thank you. I love this job.” 

“Easy to tell.”

“Is that so?”

“You’re very enthusiastic and friendly.” Barry said. “Hard to fake.”

“Never underestimate a girl working customer service.” Finnegan laughed. “But you’re right. Only days I’m not genuine is when I’m not feeling alright. But if I’m good on the inside? Every smile you get comes from the heart.”

Their conversation mainly revolved around the various fantasy worlds they wished they could visit, if not live in. Even the dystopian societies had a draw to them due to the amazing magic that happened there. Barry seemed interested in anything that took him away from whatever was happening in his life. He never blatantly said it. But Finnegan could pick up on his escapist fantasies, perhaps because she could directly empathize.

“You’ve been here awhile.” Barry said, after the conversation lulled for a few moments. “You want to stay at Buck’s?”

“Saving up for grad school.” Finnegan said.  “If I get into the local school I’ll still keep working here though. Girls gotta eat, right?”

“And buy new books.”

“Yes, sir.” Finnegan smiled and tipped her glass to him. She then saw that a new group get seated in her section. “Well shit. Looks like my break is over.”

Barry looked over to where she was looking and sighed. “Ah. Okay. It was nice talking to you.”

“Booooo.” Finnegan pouted as she got up. “Only nice?”

“Great, Finn.” Barry laughed. “It was great. Could I get the check?”


“Coop is paying for ya.”

“He doesn’t have to do that…”

“He wants to, silly.” Finnegan said. “Next time you come in, you can pay for his dinner.”

“Yeah. I’ll do that.”

Finnegan could feel his smile. “Elbow bump goodbye?”

“Elbow bump see you later.” Barry held his elbow out and she bumped it with hers. “Thank you for tonight, Finn. I really needed it. I hope to see you again when I come in.”

“You’re very welcome Barry.” Finnegan smiled at him. “And you will if you’re lucky.” They bumped elbows again and Finnegan watched him go. She sighed, stretched, and walked to the new group of customers. “Welcome to Buck’s, gentleman! I’m Finnegan, you can call me Finn, and I’ll be your waitress tonight. How y’all doing?”